Strategy, creation and technology.

We focus on effectiveness, productivity and quality.

We have repeatedly encountered projects which were able to implement a particular brand’s vision professionally and on a high technical level, but failed to satisfy the needs of its potential users.
We select technology in a way that the brand can implement its goals and at the same time authentically engage its users.

From idea to success

We can establish cooperation at every stage of this process

  • Idea

  • Strategy

  • Creation

  • Technology

  • At the beginning there is an idea. An idea is abstraction. It can be a solution to some need or a spontaneous revelation. Most often, however, it is only a tiny grain of sand having a potential to start an avalanche.

  • An able strategist does not forget about the goal. It is not difficult to lose sight of it during a campaign. Every day we ask ourselves: have we come closer to the goal today?

  • Is this a good creation? Who knows? Do timeless, universal notions of beauty, harmony and aesthetics exit? We follow our own taste and the client’s preferences. Usually it works.

  • Technology is a branch of art. Even the best graphically and strategically developed app or campaign will not fulfil their task if they do not work. We make every effort for them to work. Work very well!

“Mobile” is not only apps.

We provide comprehensive solutions in terms of mobile marketing. We combine mobile, web, outdoor, ambient and POS.

All of it is to make communication flow smoothly, regardless of the place and time of the recipient is in.

Do you know that...