ABC… Uczę się! is a modern educational collection for children aged 3-7. Subsequent books introduce them to the world of letters, words and digits, and present everyday situations. Educational games and activities in the form of a mobile app allow for broadening and consolidating knowledge gained from books.

Exceptional play in the world of letters and digits

The app are an extension to the possibilities presented by the books from the Hachette collection. By attractive multimedia activities and educational games, children learn new letters and words.


Learning through play

A child can play with the app on a smart phone or a tablet and by that consolidate the knowledge gained during reading. Visually attractive and simple in use tasks teach children letters and digits in the form of games known to them, and extend the possibilities of the printed books in the series.


Dozens of games and tasks in one app!

After the release of subsequent volumes of the collection on letters or digits, the user receives a notification on their phone about the new set of mini games for download. Each update brings new games and tasks, whose purpose is to facilitate the process of learning the alphabet in children.