Medical survey

A mobile survey or the end of paper work!

  • Medical survey

The Challenge

The mobile survey means convenience and the lack of spatial constraints. You can take the survey with you on a tablet or smart phone and complete it in any place and at any time.
The mobile survey is an innovative solution, which improves the process of conducting a questionnaire: it is faster, simpler, cheaper, free from mistakes and errors.


Do it in any place and at any time

The mobile survey is easier to organize and conduct - lots of information is recorded automatically, which minimizes potential room for error. Thanks to individual logins, it is simple to check who talked to a respondent, when and at what time.

Save time and money

Since information is gathered in a form ready for further use, the electronic survey does not necessitate data processing. 
The completed survey can be saved on a disc, sent by mail, saved as pdf, excel files or exported it to a statistics programme, e.g. Statistica.